NOCTURNAL TV series? Help make that happen!

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from your Future Dark Øverlord

Well hello there, Mister/Miss big-time TV producer Junkie. What? You’re not in the biz? Well you can be if you help NOCTURNAL win the 2012 Goodreads Choice awards. I recorded a little message so the audio would go out in the feed, just in case my shameless pimping missed those who don’t visit here (or use Twitter, or Facebook, or G+ …).

NOCTURNAL coverIf you haven’t voted for NOCTURNAL in the 2012 Goodreads Choice awared, click here to do so right now! Your vote must be in by Nov. 26. You may have to create a free Goodreads account if you haven’t already, but it’s a kick-ass site for people that love books.

To be sappy for just a moment and show the soft, chewey center inside my onyx heart, ARealGirl and I want to thank you for all you do for us. You listen to the stories, you buy the books, you email us, leave comments, hit the forums, Facebook us, Twitter us, G+ us and on and on. I’m living every author’s dream right now because I’m a full-time writer (the hookers and the blow come later on, I guess?). I’m a full-time writer because of all y’all.

I am thankfull for each and every one of you. I never forget who butters my bread (wait … that wound up sounding kind of dirty …).


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  1. LostNFoundKiDz

    I dont think Nocturnal as a full lenght tv show would work, as in the whole 20+ episodes an such.  A 12 episodes or maby 18 because one the end of the book was reached the producer may try and extend it case and point, Lost which personaly went 2-3 seasons to long.  But if it does go into tv land that would be interseting.


    P.S. Just listened to nocturnal again and noticed that quaint little easter egg in the backroom of Mageris Magic Taxidermy.

  2. Calador

    I am glad you said series rather than movie. Nocturnal is more of a slow burn rather than the intense hit which is a movie. Ancestor would make a great monster movie though!

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