NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #4

Homicide detectives Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang report to their bosses, San Francisco Chief of Police Amy Zou and sub-chief Sean Robertson. They discuss the weird symbols seen at the Alex Panos murder scene (the same symbols seen in Bryan’s dreams).

Pookie sends the symbols to be analyzed by John “Black Mr. Burns” Smith. Meanwhile, someone at the SFPD knows more than they’re letting on, and seems to hold the detectives’ lives in their hands.″

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  1. Bob

    This story is where I originally discovered “Scott Sigler”. Silly me, I thought it was just another detective story to kill some time…and it turned into this, this obsession!
    Now we have come full circle and are back at Nocturnal. Listening to the talkie talk after episode #4 and you’re killing me! I had forgotten just how funny you can be.
    Yes, I know I am lagging and only on episode four. I like to keep some good stuff banked for when the dry spells come. I normally have a podcast, an audiobook and at least one novel going at any one point in time. I use to wonder why you gave away the podcast for free. It didn’t take long to discover the crack you were slinging. As well as other associated dealers that reaped the benefits along with my purchases of Sigler wares were Mer and her Lafferty, Paul with his Cooley and I’m sure there are others.
    Bring on Mount Fitzroy!
    Good job and keep ’em coming!

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