NOCTURNAL Throwback Episode #28

Things have gotten messy in the investigation of a series of brutal murders. Bryan and Pookie now suspect the shadowy, centuries-old cult known as Marie’s Children to be behind the killings. Most of the victims fall into one of two categories: organized crime figures or someone associated with high school sophomore and social outcast Rex Deprovdechuk.

A confrontation with Jebediah Erikson, also known as “The Savior,” has put the man in the hospital, and let Bryan and Pookie see Erikson’s basement full of stuffed monstrosities. These monsters turned out to be real, not fakes — genetic analysis revealed that these monsters and the killers in the Deprovdechuk murders had the same mother.

Finding out his whole life has been a lie, Bryan confronts the man he’s known as his father. But not receiving the desired answers, Bryan then seeks out Alder Jessup, the man who made weapons for The Savior.

Rex turned out to be Marie’s Children’s prophesied leader. He has set out on a plan to take over all the organized crime in San Francisco. Rex has a dream, a dream where his people can walk the night streets, hunting their ancient prey — humanity.

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