NOCTURNAL hardcover unboxing

Scott gets to the final NOCTURNAL hardcover for the first time! Fun and exciting, complete with a-capella devil-movie music and the Døg of Evil. A quick 2:45 video to show the fortune and glory of Dr. Jones.

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  1. steveANARCHY

    “Look how big it is!” “Look at the girth!”  

    yes i’m going to say it…
    That’s what she said.
  2. steffiebaby140

    I am getting so impatient for this!  Seriously, like a whole nother week?!  I was so distraught over the wait that I went to the friends of the library sale and bought myself a bag of books….none of them Nocturnal, it did not help the cravings.

  3. Gmork

    Two comments:

    1) I just ordered 10 of these suckers… WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT ALL THOSE FAT BOOKS?!?!?!
    2) I want to know the evil secret to how the FDO got his voice that high while singing. hehehehe
  4. ScottEPond

    Oh. My!

    Can. Not. Wait!

    What sucks is that I’ll be in China when my copies arrive at home…

    Le sigh. Le pout. Le grumble.

  5. Gatorrock

    Looking forward to having you sign this badboy properly for me this time…and then get it shipped over to the UK. Congrats on having a final edition in your hands!!!

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