NOCTURNAL Episode #7

The mangled corpse of Oscar Woody on the pavement, graffiti painted on the brick walls in his blood, and everything points toward one man as the killer: Bryan Clauser. Will homicide inspector Pookie Chang do the right thing and bring his partner in?

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    Haven’t listened to the new version BUT the old one was an absolutely brilliant story. I wasn’t expecting anything special at all but this was an amazing surprise… a superb funny cop story merging into fantasy. i was going to listen to the original again as I liked it so much but now I can listen to the new one with additional detail.

    Great…. these stories of yours Scott are superb. Many hours of happy listening and although I prefer you as the narrator, I can understand there are other calls on your time.

    Love it..

  2. Ethan

    Just bought the Itunes one! But I love listening to you Scott before and after the episodes giving updates. I’m going to have to come back everyweek and still listen to these to get them!

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