NOCTURNAL Episode #41

Marie’s Children attacked San Francisco General Hospital, and made off with not only Jebediah Erickson, the Savior, but also Pookie Chang. Pookie’s partner, Bryan Clauser, was badly injured in the fight. He is with Adam and Alder Jessup, and with Aggie James, the street bum who was held captive by Marie’s Children. Bryan and Co are racing to the apartment of Robin Hudson, who might be the monsters next target. Can they get to Robin in time?


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  1. BigJohn

    My favorite part of the intro was when Scott said that the 2014 Body Maim championships were going to be at SiglerFest this year, and you can hear @ARealGirl in the background, yelling “GO BODYMAIM!”

    You gotta love her enthusiasm. 🙂

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