NOCTURNAL Episode #4

In Episode #4, we meet Aggie James. Going through a bit of a hard few years, Aggie most just wants to be warm, dry and extremely high. Doesn’t make any trouble, doesn’t want anything troubling him. Just as we meet him, he’s about to meet a few new folks himself …
… folks who are the very definition of trouble.

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  1. Nanite_Swarm_of_Doom

    Totally digging the new Nocturnal so far. Two Thumbs up!

    Even if that scene where the one thing is resting on the two other things and the application of force from a third thing that results in that crackley sounding thing does make me cringe, just a bit.

    Ok, I know you’ll tell us when it’s ready, but I’ma gonna ask anyway.

    Audiobook Availability? (I tormented…err…asked audible but they are not talking)

    Thank you guys for making having to work on Sundays suck way less! This podcast is the first thing I stick in my ear when I start my shift at my tertiary job. We won’t talk about the 2nd thing 😉

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