NOCTURNAL Episode #3

NOCTURNAL Episode #3 finds Bryan and Pookie visiting with Frank Lanza and his crew, recently transplanted to San Francisco from the East Coast. Unsurprisingly, things don’t go exactly as planned. When the bullets fly, who will be left standing? And, Rex begins the rite of passage we have all faced, only for him, the change becomes a nightmare.


  • Scott talks about the stresses of going through puberty, and how it affects character development for Rex Deprovdechuk.
  • Scott announces PANDEMIC tour dates, tells you what’s up with the NOCTURNAL audiobook (on Audible, iTunes and Amazon).
  • Scott gives you the skinny on the status of GFL Book V. Will it be ready for the pre-launch on Super Bowl Saturday?

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    1. scottsigler

      @fsk1138 Yep, there are two books planned in THE CRYPT series. I’d hoped to get to Book II by the end of 2014, but we have an announcement coming up that might derail that for awhile.

  1. tracey bolden

    you know scott i was there getting the first rendition of this book. and it and your voluminous vocal of voices will forever ring in my head (i’m sure i downloaded and burned a cd)…those episodes are safe off site.

    love the new guy, phil but miss your Pookie Chang. stay productive and i look forward to all the siglerverse can imagine.

    pen to paper (or whatevah)

    @ ya podakayne

      1. BigJohn

        Let me know how that Car Talk vs. Nocturnal Emission turns out. And the bedwetting book. Sounds like a real page-turner. Or…bit consumer…or whatever the audio equivalent is.

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