NOCTURNAL Episode #26

The Savior’s house calls to Bryan, taunting him to enter, promising that questions … will … be … answered (if you watched LOST, trust that promise at your own risk, Bryan). Bryan’s decision could turn him from lawman to lawbreaker, something Pookie Chang is desperate to stop. Pookie races to Erickson’s, and has even called upon Black Mister Burns to help. Will Pookie and BMB get there in time?

Storium, the online storytelling game, has added Hunter Hunterson & Sons’s Kentucky hometown of Slayerville module as a stretch goal to its Kickstarter! Want to play a game where you can be a Hunterson, or one of the other monster-stompin’ clans. Come to this land of JUSTIFIED meets GHOSTBUSTERS and whoop up on the supernatch.

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