NOCTURNAL Episode #2

Back again for Episode #2 of the NOCTURNAL podcast. What a hopping comments section from last week’s episode: we’re glad most of you are digging Phil’s read, and also we truly appreciate those of you who don’t dig him but are still giving him the trademark “Siglerism Four-Episode Try.”

In this week’s episode we meet Rex Deprovdechuk: young, bullied, forlorn and struggling to find his place in the world. Feeling sick, but no chance his surly mother will let him stay home from school. Even so, his day gets better when he hears the news about one Father Paul Maloney.

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It’s shaping up to be a long day.

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  1. Chris Pragman

    Understand the business side, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If this keeps Scott’s writing productivity at maximum, I’ll go along with it. A, keep cracking that whip, so Scott stays at full-speed…

    I do think Phil’s take on Pookie’s voice is less animated and humorous than Scott’s. There are also some of Brian’s lines that are almost inaudible.

    Overall, I think Phil’s doing a fine job, and I’ll happily keep listening. I’m still glad that Scott will continue reading some of his other stories as well.

  2. Maurice

    Hey Team, I gots mad lovvvvvvveeee for Phil. ( To be honest I had a man crush on him due to his excellent work on one of Terry Brooks’s Books ) I’m really enjoying Phil’s take on Pookie. His adding more nuance and depth to the character. I can’t wait to see how he handles Brain when the sh*t starts hitting the fan later on in the story. Amazing work and a great addition to the team. I’m looking forward to you guys expanding this corner of the Sigler Universe. I’m also hella excited about the extra time the FDO gets to pull alllllllllll hat twisted and wonderfully additive content out of that bald head of his. Now I’m off to Audible to buy the book. ( Yall can’t expect me to wait 40 plus weeks to get through this story….come on now ) Also… “if” you guys can get “James S. A. Corey” to handle the “Crypt” Era of the Universe, yall will make my christmas in 2014. Keep up the hard work. You guys are appreciated for all you do.

  3. Robert Wright

    In the question of Phil Vs the FD0, there is no contest… FD0 wins.


    As they said, until the FD0 clones are ready, I am willing to give Phil a chance. Loving the story, wondering what changes are in store from the original podcast version. Yes, I am waiting to find out. If I read everything in one dose, I don’t get the full strung out effect of the FD0 wordage as my body needs..

    In other words…

    BACK to writing Scott, and A, if you need someone to watch him, you know where to find me.

    Your Humble Janitor,
    Janitor of the Dark Overlord Media Rocket City Office, Alabama USA.

  4. Gmorky

    Late on weighing in but as I said about the first reading Phil did, this mofo has a voice made out of butter. BUTTER.

    His Brian is definitely what I’d expect him to be and Pookie seems to be toned down a bit but like Pondy (and others) have mentioned, it makes Pookie more “real” and to some degree more smooth. Phil’s totally got the women’s voices down (sorry Scott) but I really can’t wait to see how he handles BizNas (because of the sheer absurdity of it) as well as First Born and some of the creatures.

    Change from what’s familiar is always difficult. And we are a spoiled audience. I miss Scott’s reading but also understand the economics of the situation. And honestly, if Phil reading gets me more Crypt or Descendant, etc, then I am WAY on board with another narrator.

    And to clarify, when I say we are a spoiled audience, I mean that Scott is the only author that I know that would care enough to ask about whether or not his audience would care who is narrating his audiobooks. I think it’s awesome that our input means so much – it is humbling.

  5. Ammon B

    I think what happen last week is that you changed the douse of our fix and we the Junkies had a bad reaction to the new medicine. Like when you cleaned up Chick McGee for the Adult version to the Kid friendly one. Episode 2 was a good fix for the start of the week. Still miss the Master’s version of the Pooks, but Phil does Do a great Brain. We just needed time to adjust. A lot of us where itching and shaking well we wrote our first post. We are recovery from episode one shock!!!

  6. BigJohn

    I was thinking about how Phil was “holding back” – i think it’s something that Scòtt mentioned in the other thread – because he lets it loose later, and thought he might also be holding back because Brian just isn’t feeling all that good right now. Maybe that’s what is turning people off.

    At any rate, this episode was good, but too short. Fooey. More, please.

  7. RoboZombie

    I like the new reader (though i figure he’s just a stand in until the FDO clones are finnished) and I can hardly wait to buy the new books when they come out.

    Are there plans to incorporate sound effects into future recordings? The way you incorporated background noise into some of your other stories made them so much more immersive than reading alone.

    1. A Sigler

      We’ll still do the sound effects in the GFL series, but probably not too much in the others. It’s actually been that way for a while now — GFL has crowd cheering and metal pinging and such — but the others don’t have much. In fact, I don’t think ANCESTOR had any non-voice effect, but I could be wrong.

      You’ll hear voice effects in NOCTURNAL: the voices of the NOCTURNALs are a bit different, and the normal “over the telephone” or “thoughts in my head” kinds of SFX.

  8. Scott "Big Fish" Pond

    So, short and sweet.

    I liked the first episode. I REALLY like the second. Brian sounds just about perfect and Pooks sounded a little more refined and… well, “real” is what I’d call it. Maybe I’m projecting my fond memories of the “unofficial” version as I’m listening, but the were a couple moments in here where he almost sounded like his old self. Not sure if that makes sense, but hey, it’s working for me.

    Knowing how this whole process works, I suspect Phil’s still finding and dialing in his voices over the first few episodes, which works for me. I do have to say this: I really liked Phil’s treatment of Robin and Roberta… sorry, Scott, but Phil’s females are probably a wee bit better than yours.

    Based on what I’m hearing, I recommend this to everyone on the fence or those that can’t make it over the fence: give it a hand-full of episodes to let it get dialed in and to let some of your fond memories be supplanted by the here and now… from what I’m hearing, it may just grow on you more.

    BTW: Being the impatient sort (and the type of fella with 4-6 hours of commute time a week), I can also say I can’t wait for audible to finally get updated… I’ve got some credits burning a hole in my account.

    1. A Sigler

      You? You I love.

      And I agree with you about Bryan *and* Pooks. I loved Scott’s Pookie, but I find that this version of Pookie (both in the rewrite writing and the voice work) is more human and accessible. Less of a caricature. Which really gets you in the gut later on in the story, when that very human guy, shall we say, faces unexpected struggles.

      1. taylorconnie

        I never disliked him…always thought his characterisations were great….but his rhythm is much better this episode…thought that would happen…

        I’m new to nocturnal and am very intrigued to see where it’s heading…mmm better check audible again…haven’t done that today… 🙂

  9. Brad Patterson

    Fantastic job on episode #2 this week! I take back most of what I said about Phil last week, I think he did a great job on #2. His voice variations for all of the MANY characters is quite good, and I think his Pookie is quite good. Still not super sold on his version of Brian, but whatever. I can’t wait to hear how he voices the monsters. Really digging the updated version of Nocturnal so far, and I just started digging into my free 80 page preview of Pandemic too!

    1. A Sigler

      Yay! So happy you gave it another week.

      I’ll tell you something — I think Phil really shines once Bryan gets … well … once Bryan becomes the Terminator. The simmering rough edge just below the surface all the time in his voice is awesome.

  10. David Kaneshiro

    At this point I’ve listened to the first episode of Nocturnal twice and just finished the second episode and i must say I am now in sweet sweet man love with Phil’s voice. His take on Pooky is amazing, however Brian’s new voice hasn’t quite grown on me yet. All in all, it’s fucking fantastic.

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