NOCTURNAL Episode #14

Robin’s role as the acting Chief Medical Examiner means she’s the first to process the body of Jay Parlar, the latest member of the BoyCo gang to die. This brings her face-to-face — for the first time in six months — with her ex-lover Bryan Clauser. Can she shed light on what happened to Parlar, and is there any hope to rekindle her romance with The Terminator?


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  1. jokerdas

    Awesome story so far! Can’t wait to hear what Phil’s freaking fantastic voice skills are going to do with Mr. Biz-Nass! Had to buy the book!!! Cannot wait another 30 or so weeks to know how this ends! This ADD junkie needs his fix!

  2. Nemesis0

    Figures i have to work till noon this saturday and then going out of town for a while right after work…guess i’ll just have to live with not getting a lower numbered book…i think i’ll be ok.

    Also great episode.

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