NOCTURNAL Episode #10

The results of Oscar Woody’s autopsy turned up very strange results, which Robin tries to explain to Verde and The Birdman. Rex Deprovdechuk drew a picture of Oscar, and now Oscar is dead. Rex wonders what will happen if he make a new drawing … will another member of BoyCo wind up mutilated?

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  1. Scott "Big Fish" Pond

    We’re now 10 episodes in here (and I’m about halfway through the actual audiobook version) so I figured I’d stop in and make a comment.

    Namely that I’m totally loving Phil Gigante’s voicework on this.

    It took a little bit to get Scott’s voice out of my head from the first version of the story (which was my main introduction to Scott’s work and as such retains a special place in my growth as a Junkie). But overall, I have to say that once we got past around episode 6 I was hooked. Phil is a great voice actor with a large breadth of voices available. Great choice on this, guys. Can’t wait to hear other Sigler Stank with Phil’s smooth voice.

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