Q & A Part One

As is tradition, now that the fiction is done, this episode is where we hear from you! Scott’s answering questions about NOCTURNAL, or Scott, or his writing process. And EARTHCORE. And CRYPT, Part II.

We had such a great response (so many questions!) we split this lovefest up into two shows.

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  1. agent_minivann

    Just listened to the Q&A podcast and have to point out what I think is an error (sort of). On the question of cloning the Z chromosome folks, I think you read that as, like you said with cloning Napoleon, cloning the individual. I think the question was intended to ask about cloning to get the enhanced strength, speed, and healing that the Z chromosome guys had. More of a super soldier type thing. Ironically I could see adding the Z chromosome to shock troops something the Purist Nation would do.

    One note about a small problem in the text. There is one part where a harpsichord is being played, I believe when we meet mommy. It has a bit about playing it louder. That really stuck out because harpsichords were one volume. They don’t sound louder if you hit the keys harder.

    And one last thing. Add me to the list of junkies with a man-crush on Phil Gigante’s voice.

    1. scottsigler

      @agent_minivann: Ah, I see where I went off the rails on cloning. I slid into my standard rant about how poorly cloning is used in Hollywood. Sorry about that.

      Cloning the Zed chromosome is an interesting idea. At this point in the story, the government and science in general have no idea that the Zed exists (as far as we know). Discovery would be key. But, seeing as NOCTURNAL is told from the point of view of the people on the ground, handling it, I (as the author) can’t show you what is or isn’t known at this time.

  2. jokerdas

    Fun Q&A episode so far! Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for addressing my inquiries.
    I must be one of the only junkies who have not heard the first podcast of Nocturnal, or as I will think of it, the beta version. I did enjoy this podcast very much.
    I think it would be fun, if just once, you video record a Q&A session and upload it (in its entirety, and unedited) so we can actually enjoy all your gesticulations and vicariously enjoy bloody marys at 11am, or at work, or on the commute!

  3. joe

    Hi Scott, first i want to say that i am a huge fan of your work ….but unfortunately, the re-writing of Nocturnal didn’t do it for me. I strongly believe that it was a bad choice to have someone else do the audio for you. What really did it for me is how you tell the first nocturnal story, you have something special, more warmth, more je ne sais quoi that i love. So, i understand that you want to free yourself some time to write more, but as a french man, we always say quality over quantity is #1.
    Sorry, but if one don’t know what is quality he cannot appreciate it and tell the difference, but i do. What makes something special is the quality!
    So, i suggest that you keep record yourself your book, I hope you listen to your fans.
    Also, i thought that the part when brian went to save pookie and the others was not good, no suspense! the nocturnals have the same gene as Brian, they are powerful and they had the number on their side, your describe almost no resistance, so easy to kill them, the way pierre died was terrible, one of the most powerful of them and first born didn’t do anything, so unless you can explain why brian is more powerful, i thought it was too easy, not possible, you lost any credibility for me to believe it, sorry, you have to make it real!…….it’s like following somebody by car bumper to bumper, really! unless the person is blind, which i doubt because he’s driving!
    Scott, keep up to the good work, you are the reason was your legion fell for you, your stories, the way you tell them, don’t lose what makes you special!
    Take care!

    1. ClearSights

      I’d much rather have scott put his time and effort into writing new material and not on recording audio.

      That means more stories for me and you!

      I have a feeling Phil will be around for awhile, mise well learn to love him.

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