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ARealGirlThere was voting, and ballot stuffing, and lots of awesome design suggestions, and some fine tuning tweaks, all leading up to the t-shirts now available for sale!

First things first: last week when I posted the two “Keep Calm and Run the Plays that I Call” options, I neglected to credit Belladonna420 with the cool idea. An oversight on my part I’m correcting now — THANKS BELLA!

As for the “Keep Calm” version voting, the black T won hands-down. We’re going to stock that version in our store. However, I’m making the orange version available for special order for the next three weeks only, until May 17th. You want an orange one? Don’t delay, order today!

And the end result of all this work? New T-shirt designs now available in the store! We decided on four new teams: Isis Ice Storm, Buddha City Elite, Sheb Stalkers and Yall Criminals. (That’s in addition to the Keep Calm Hokor tribute tee, because that’s how we roll.)

Here they are, all designed by Scott “Big Fish” Pond. Click on any image to order:

Isis Ice Storm Keep Calm Yall Criminals
Sheb Stalkers Keep Calm - orange Buddha City Elite

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  1. Beth_Ailis

    Agree with Bella


    TBG and I will be proudly wearing the new T’s at Dragon*Con and SF2K13

    (and other important events)


  2. The Mad Jew

    I think im going to pick up one of each to go with the rest of the gfl shirts I have. ARealGirl are you guys still shipping out books from the april 1 sale because I still havnt received my copies yet.

  3. ARealGirl

    For which t-shirt? There are GFL logos and “” on the bottom of the team tees, and the GFL logo only on the top of the Keep Calm tees.

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