MVP Shipping Day 4 vid (correction)

Junkies, my apologies, when I posted the Day 4 video I linked to the Day 3 vid. So, Day 3 downloaded twice to bloat your iTunes, and you didn’t get Day 4. Here it is. Click here to download the video. Yes, I am the 1% of wasting your bandwidth.

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  1. One_shot_wonder

    Fantastic read.

    Arrived in post this morning, and despite its substantial girthyness, I’m already 240 pages in.
    My eyes are knackered and it’s way past my bed time.
    Love the book
    Only down side is I’ll have to wait six month for the next book.
    Come on Scott, surely one book per week isn’t too much to ask from a Demi god like yourself?
  2. robhstn

    I have ordered the book, do i have to wait for delivery before i can download the ebook? i really want to get reading straightaway?

  3. Calador

    I got mine and it was before the audio or ebook! Which considering I live in Australia is pretty damn big. Ohh and nice ghost busters reference…

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