The MVP - Galactic Football League: Book Four

THE MVP Episode #38 (final episode!)

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THE MVP Episode #38

* We had audio issues in our first post of this episode, so we fixed and re-posted. You might get two copies of #38. Sorry about that!

Well, Junkies, all great stories must come to a close, and THE MVP is no exception. What’s in store for Quentin and the Krakens as we finish up Book IV and prepare for Book V. Listen in to find out.

Speaking of the as-yet-untitiled GFL Book V, I am working on that in July. I have to finish line-edits for PANDEMIC and also work on the first-draft of my next novel, which I also won’t tell you the name of, so there is many games afoot.

Needless to say, however, I can’t wait to start working on the next installment of the GFL series. Just for you, Junkies, just for you.

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