MONSTROSITY: Thoughts on BatFleck, CROUCHING TIGER sequel, Vin Diesel is a tree

Well, we goofed up. We shot and edited this episode of MONSTROSITY ten days ago, but the host company (Mevio) didn’t upload it to their servers until Wednesday. So here is, my ever-so-timely commentary on BatFleck (which, I believe, should make me the final person in the world to comment on this all-important story, so let’s just be done with it, okay?).

Click here to download the video. 

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  1. Lee A. Baker

    Scott, have missed being in touch; all good thoughts have been sent to you & yours even when you didn’t know it. Some day I want to tell you what I had to give up that I love(d), & how I still struggle to deal. Be well.

  2. Lee A. Baker

    Hey, I thought Michael Keaton was the worst choice ever…then I thought he pulled it off! It was some of the other “jokers” who didn’t work for me. Yes, Bale is leaving huge wings to fill, but I am holding out hope. I admire him for many other things & predict he’ll surprise us…go baby!

  3. Twainy

    I’ve tried not to think about BatFleck. Maybe he could pull off Wayne. Jury’s out on his secret identity. Have I seen Ben angry and not laughed? He just doesn’t come across as a crazy mother forklift (dam autocorrect). I suppose campy is good too. Think of some of the previous actors to fill those shoes. We’ve been spoiled. Not many could replace Bale. Sigh, but I could think of better. Really? Groot when Riddick’s coming out? I waited nearly TEN dam years for this movie, it BETTER be good!!! I LOVED Pitch Black & this looks like a return to SCARY! He has a good voice, I’m thinking Groot is safe, cast well. Happy Saturday! x

    1. scottsigler

      I think Affleck is going to slow-play Wayne. He’ll have the playboy bit down cold, then bust out some crazy on us when the time is right. The contrast will make the role. And Vin will be a great tree, not to worry.

      1. Twainy

        OK for moments like this, yes, lazy Sunday night moments, I’d like the website to have a selection of buttons like … … … LIKE, LMAO, AGREE …. … …. Thank you for the laugh, I can count on this place to crack me up! I admit, he will make a good tree. hee! IDK …. admit it, if Affleck manages to pull out some sort of batshit crazy, some part of you is gonna laugh. x

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