MONSTROSITY: An interview with WE’RE ALIVE creator K.C. Wayland

Hello, Junkies! I’m trying an experiment today, which is throwing the MONSTROSITY weekly video show into the podcast feed. I figure I’d start with something particularly interesting — a free audiobook/audiodrama that might tickle your fancy. You like listening to my horror stories, so here’s another podcast horror story for ya.

Click here to download the video. 

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  1. Twainy

    So I listened to 5 chapters plus some We’re Not Dead at work today. I definitely like this zombie tale. Thank you for sharing. I noticed that Michael has a nice voice, he sounds like Kevin Sorbo, I think that’s his name, Hercules, Captain Dylan Hunt, etc. ……. meh …. retracts geek fangs and walks away shaking her head. x

  2. Twainy

    MONSTROSITY? I LOVE MONSTROSITY! I like it here. ZOMBIES? I LOVE ZOMBIES! I thank you for your recommendation! BALD MEN. I …. have respectfully decided to keep my opinion about said men to myself. 😉 I really like this video thing! I’m gonna go check out iTunes, HOW could I have missed this … grumble. Brains … later x

  3. Scott "Big Fish" Pond

    I’m really digging them and I need to get out there and comment on them and pimp them more. Definitely like them here (especially with the new site) but also could snag them on G+, Twitter, and Facebook. Lots of outlets, all with slightly different audiences. Any of them giving you more exposure than the rest? Want us to push more on some of the outlets.

    1. BigJohn

      It’s convenient to get them in the feed, but where do you want your comments and feedback? You used to say “go leave them on the youtube channel” and now there’s also an official facebook page.

    2. Nemesis0

      I like that you post them here. I would miss some of the episodes if not for having them posted here all the time.

      Also…i need to listen to We’re Alive. I have it on my computer, just need to start it.

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