Merry Christmas from Empty Set!

It’s Christmas, and the FDØ and I wanted to celebrate with all of you!

Here’s the deal: starting right now through midnight Pacific Time on Friday, December 27th, all the ebooks in our shop are free!

You heard me Junkies: All of the ebooks here on the site in the shop will download for free until midnight on Friday.

So snag a little something full of GFL for yourself, or share this post with everyone you know and love that received an ebook reader this holiday season.

Share the love, share the joy, and for goodness sake — share the Tweedys!

Click here to download the video.

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  1. Profile photo of Martyn EvansMartyn Evans

    FDØ & ~A~
    Thank you for this Christmas gift!
    I now have the complete series to show others without cracking open my hardcovers!
    Hopefully they will become junkies as well!
    Spreading that Sigler Stankfully,
    ~ Martynizer

  2. Profile photo of Beth_AilisBeth_Ailis

    This is so cool! You guys both totally RAWK!
    I got the entire GFL set to give to my nephew in the Navy. He really liked “The Rookie,” so I know he’ll be very pleased. Spreading the stank to the US Navy. Oh yeah!
    Thanks A and Scott. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Stanky New Year.

  3. Profile photo of Nemesis0Nemesis0

    This was cool, thanks alot FDO and Arealgirl

    Though i had all these books already (print and ebook where available) the sale did give me a chance to get a .mobi of The All Pro and a .epub of Bones Are White, which made it so i can have all the books on both ereaders that i have.

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