LETHAL WEAPON 30th Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #12



This week’s Story Smack has us going back in time to a weird, wonderful Los Angeles, and a sterling example of the buddy cop movie. Lethal Weapon turns 30 this month, and we revisited the original to see how it stands the test of time. And to see Mel Gibson’s enormous hair. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!


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  1. Gunbunny13B

    Sorry to do this, but I have to call A Real Girl out. First, let me say I love the new show. The Friday Fix was fun, but this new show expands the content to more general shared interests. The audience is filled with a lot of science minded people, and A – you even said you have a degree in science, Chemistry if I remember correctly from the Resident Evil review. In this review you made a comment about the suicide jumper and you referenced the weight of Riggs as to the speed of the fall. Weight has no impact on a free falling body. Surface area does influence falling due to wind resistance, but not weight. The building in that scene is the Emers tile building which is 7 stories tall.Estimating the fall height to be ~80 feet, the fall of a body would have lasted 8 seconds and impact speed would be ~105mph. A sad note, the stuntman for the suicidal man, Dar Robinson, passed away a few weeks later in a stunt gone wrong on another movie- Million Dollar Mystery.

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