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StorySmack Episode #32

Story Smack is a podcast about storytelling, but I must admit we talk quite a bit about movies. Today, however, we’re going to talk about a movie maker. In fact, the most Oscar-nominated movie maker on Earth. Actor? Director? Nope — orchestrator and conductor John Williams.

I know you love John Williams’ work. I know I love the Star Wars score, and the Indiana Jones score. Those are both his. But so many others you know and love are also John Williams’ work. You’ll be amazed at how much of the score to your own life is lifted from work he’s done.


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  1. Angela Benford

    Just adding my two cents, which is basically what you all said…

    we had the record (yes, LP) of the Star Wars soundtrack when I was a kid, and my brother and I would just sit and listen to it — I remember it bringing back all the same feelings the movie did. so, imagine an 8 year old and an 4 year old just sitting and listening to instrumental music, yeah, we did that 🙂

  2. Christopher Morgan

    I think a good two-word argument for Williams’ impact on Star Wars is “Rogue One”. Title page, opening crawl etc… the thing that was most noticeably missing from that movie was John Williams. Arguments could be made about the content of the film itself, but the score was flat out boring. You could taste a bit of Williams’ influence here and there, but it just wasn’t Star Wars without him.

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