GuestGoods – Jeff Carlson’s FROZEN SKY

The Frozen Sky by Jeff CarlsonClick here to download
GuestGoods: Jeff Carlson’s FROZEN SKY


Jeff CarlsonMy buddy Jeff Carlson has a new book out, THE FROZEN SKY. It’s published by 47North, which is Amazon’s science fiction imprint. Hence, I’ll be watching his success closely, because Amazon basically dictates the eBook marketplace (hear that, Carlson? I’m watching you … ).


He thought the Junkies would be interested in his old-school scifi/horror tale, so he fired up a GuestGoods interview to tell you all about it.


Jeff put the book out originally as a short story, and it blew the eff up, selling many thousands of copies. 47North then hooked a brotha up with a deal for a novel-length version. Listen in if you like.


The links to the book are Amazon affiliate links, ’cause I’m sneaky like that). This episode sponsored sponsored by Petco coupon codes, save moolah on toys, collars & leashes, food, medicine and more for your family friend.


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  1. Nemesis0

    You know i bought this not to long after this post was made, but didn’t read it till a month or two ago. It was pretty good. If my to read list wasn’t so long i’d read more from Jeff Carlson.

  2. brain_dead

    I wasn’t originally going to buy this but amazons look inside option got me. I’m about a tenth of the way through and so far this book seems like a fun and quick read. I always appreciate it when The Sigler introduces me to an interesting book.

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