Junkies, prepare yourself for pimpage from friends of the Siglerverse

Guest Goods #6: Justin Robert Young’s GO HOME SANTA, YOU’RE DRUNK


Back with another Guest Goods, this time with friend of the Siglerverse Justin Robert Young (NSFWshow, The Morning Stream, Night Attack series).

He stops by the Lair of Døøm to talk up his hilarious debut fiction writing compilation. Nine stories about Santa sure to please the subversive weirdo in your life. Specifically if the weirdo is you.

Wanna buy it? Here’s where he’s selling his shiz. Or, just click the Amazon link above.

What is Guest Goods?
There are a ton of creative innovators out there, and we think it’s cool to share things that Junkies might dig. We’re approaching it from the “If you like Scott’s stuff, you might like this” perspective. We keep this show short! It’s a three-question interview show, and the questions are the same for everyone.

Questions are simple:

1) What’s your hot new thing?
2) What’s in it for the Junkies?
3) Where can they find out more?

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.


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