Good Will Hunting 20th Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #31

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Good Will Hunting was released! Hard to remember a time when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were small time enough to be caught in development hell trying to get this movie made. Back before they were Oscar winners.

Thankfully they got through all of that, and Good Will Hunting stands the test of time! Join us while we discuss the good, the bad and the legend that is Good Will Hunting.

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  1. Lisa

    Also, regarding the inappropriate behavior that is being revealed especially in the TV and film world, lust addiction is a disease. More people suffer from this than is known. I believe compassion and empathy is needed, along with more emphasis put on recovery for everyone. Hiding the issue or condemning all is not the solution.

  2. Lisa

    As a flute/ piccolo player, I don’t know about piccolo music indicating happy endings to movies. How would you explain the MASH theme song? (Other than the piccolo was out of tune.)

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