Galaxy Quest!

StorySmack Episode #5

Galaxy Quest

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If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest in all this time since 1999, let’s just say you’re missing out. Or, more correctly, if you’re a fan of this ‘cast, or scifi, or nerdom and you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest … you’re totally missing out. Just trust us, see it.

• 20 Things You Might Not Know About Galaxy Quest

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode brought to you by our What Time Does The Super Bowl Start and What Time Is The Super Bowl On pages, because The GFL series is described as “Star Wars” meets “The Godfather” meets “Any Given Sunday.”

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  1. Pablo Acosta

    Great episode, I love Galaxy Quest. Sad to see Alan Rickman gone, a favorite besides GQ is when he was the voice of Marvin in Hitchhikers Guide(dumb robot body).

    Anyway when you were talking about GQ being so meta I got to thinking, Rickman’s gone and so is Nimoy, at least he got to pass the “baton”. And I thought, hey would it be meta if Zachary Quinto played the actor playing Dr. Lazarus in the Galaxy Quest reboot and at a convention he ends up with the original crew on another “real” adventure?

  2. Tim

    In the late 90’s some friends and I went left Colorado for a camping trip north of Moab UT. With lunch packed by Hunter S Thompson, we embarked on a hike through the sandstone hills. As our faces were happily melting we crested a rise and there on the valley floor was AN F’ing SPACESHIP!!! We noticed vehicles around it and briefly wondered if we would be shot by MIB. Slowly reality caught up and we determined it was a movie being shot. For this Galaxy Quest will always make me smile.

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