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FridayFix • Technical Difficulties

Damn you, CHAMPION Episode 29!

Even after doing this week in and week out for a decade, sometimes technology can still slither up behind you and sink its fangs deep into your tuchas. That’s what happened to us with THE CHAMPION Episode #29. We still don’t know what happened.

And before you start slinging that “TechTard” term around, listen to this episode to hear about our troubleshooting — and to hear us let off a wee little bit of steam about a frustrating incident.

Now, where did we put that snakebite kit …

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  1. Carl

    So I had the problem that both posts of Ep 29 were only the 4min files. While playing this Friday Fix, I managed to fix it. If you delete the episodes from your feed, then refresh the feed, then download the Ep 29 FIXED file, you get the 49min file.

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