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FridayFix • Top-5 iTunes Plays

A few weeks ago on the FridayFix, Scott and I talked about one song (each) that transported us to another time in our lives. On that ‘cast, we decided we’d sit down and talk about the Top-5 most listened to songs in each of our iTunes. In this ‘cast, we have that conversation.

I won’t lie: This might be the most fun we’ve had recording in a loooong while.

iTunes Top-5Without total spoilers for this ‘cast, here are some artists Empty Set recommends listening to: Nina Simone, Man o’ War, the Neville Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, the Donnas, Jay-Z, Kenny Wayne Shepard, the Offspring, All That Remains, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Tim Minchin, AC/DC, the Dropkick Murphys, Natasha Bedingfield … and even more.

No other show notes today, but we’re at SiglerFest 2k15 in Las Vegas and we wish you were too!

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  1. jokerdas

    I will most definitely check out both playlists. Some I have never heard of!

    My top five most plays:
    5- State of the Art – Gotye
    4- Zydrate Anatomy – Repo: The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
    3- Empire – Queensryche
    2- Sober – Tool
    1- Tie between One and Whiskey in a Jar – Both by Metallica

  2. Joshua Meyer

    I decided to create a play list in Spotify out of the songs in Scott’s and A’s Top 5 iTunes Plays. If you have Spotify, you can use this link to follow the playlist:

    If you just want to search for me on Spotify (drbaka) and look for my public playlist called, “Dark Overlord Media Top 10”, that will work, too.

    For those without Spotify, here’s a listing of the tracks in the order that they discuss them in the episode (A = A; S = Scott):

    #5 A: ‘I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl’ by Nina Simone
    #5 S: ‘Too Bad About Your Girl’ by the Donnas off of ‘Spend The Night’
    #4 A: ‘Live On’ by Kenny Wayne Shepherd off of ‘Live On’
    #4 S: ‘Heart Of Steel’ by Manowar off of’Kings Of Metal’
    #3 A: ‘Young Forever’ by Jay Z off of ‘The Blueprint 3’
    #3 S: ‘Whispers (I Hear You)’ by All That Remains off of ‘The Fall Of Ideals’
    #2 A: ‘Sitting In Limbo’ by The Neville Brothers off of ‘Fiyo On The Bayou’
    #2 S: ‘Half-Truism’ by The Offspring off of ‘Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace’
    #1 A: ‘Thunder Road’ by Bruce Springsteen off of ‘Born To Run’
    #1 S: ‘Step Up (I’m On It)’ by Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster off of ‘III’

    Extra Songs:

    #6 S: ‘All These Things I Hate Revolve Around Me’ by Bullet For My Valentine
    #7 S: ‘Don’t Wait Up For Me’ by The Donnas
    #8 S: ‘Shout’ by Black Tide off of ‘Light From Above’
    #9 S: ‘The Air I Breathe’ by All That Remains
    #10 S: ‘Not Alone’ by All That Remains
    #6 A: ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ by Tim Minchin
    #7 A: ‘All You Need Is Love’ by the Beatles
    #8 A: ‘Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced’ by the Dropkick Murphys
    #9 A: ‘Touch Too Much’ by AC/DC
    #10 A: ‘Happy’ by Natasha Bedingfield

  3. sadock

    /Users/sadock/Desktop/Top 5 plays.png

    Well, hopefully that works. I’ve never tried uploading an image here before. I wasn’t particularly surprised at #1, but some of the others did surprise me. Not the genres, but the particular songs. Two happy bouncy songs, one alternative, and the rest metal. Kind of makes sense with my taste.

    1. sadock

      Okay, apparently not. So here’s what mine were:

      21 plays – Tell Him – Vonda Shepard
      18 plays – The Horrible People – Marilyn Manson
      18 plays – Good Morning World – Sparkle*Jets UK
      18 plays – Dreams of Light – 16 Volt
      17 plays – In My World – Anthrax
      17 plays – Twisted Transistor – Korn
      17 plays – Afterglow – Mission UK
      17 plays – Pictures – System of a Down

  4. Robin Hudson

    Now, my iTunes has been messed up more than once, and, if you know me, you know I mostly listen to podcasts anyway, but here’s my top 5. This may be apartment cleaning music.

    5. Tape Loop – Morcheeba (53 plays)
    4. Shoulder Holster – Morcheeba
    3. Cut You Up – Peter Murphy
    2. Bad things (TrueBlood theme) – Jace Everett
    1. My Tiled White Floor – Curve

    Not one 80s new wave song in sight! Inconceivable!

  5. Muddy_Junkie

    So I thought you mentioned “show notes” in the Friday Fix. I’m just curious if you guys wrote down your Top 5 plays. I was driving while it was playing so couldn’t write down or google them. Can you share what they were?

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