FridayFix™: Vets, A Thank You from Dark Øverlord Media

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It’s Veteran’s Day here in the US, and we here at Dark Øverlord Media wanted to pass along our sincere thanks to the folks who serve and the people who love them.
We created this video last year, and since then have gained a lot of Junkies, many who are service men and women. When we thought about how we’d say thank you this year, we kept coming back to the heartfelt messages in this video. So although it’s “old news” now, the message is evergreen.

Dark Øverlord Media’s chosen charities are the Wounded Warrior’s Project and Disabled American Veterans, which we proudly support, today and always.

Today, on Veteran’s Day, we once again say thank you.

Can’t see the video? Click here to download the video.

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  1. Dreadnutt

    Vets Day

    Buy the e-book!


    As a vet I would like to thank you all for the warm wishes on vets day! The podcasts are amazing and I let all my active military friends that are overseas know about them. Great job!

  2. Scott

    To those nephews and buddies

    Tell ’em we love them, over and over again. People go where they are told to go and do what they are told to do in order to uphold an ideal and a belief. Those of us who’ve never served can’t really know what it’s like. 

  3. FoolBritannia

    Well said!

    Spot on guys – here’s to all those of many nations who stand in harms way to keep us safe. Wearing my poppy with pride here in the UK! 

    What have you done today to make you feel proud?

  4. Combat_Cook

    Thank you again FDO and all at Dark Overlord…

    You do plenty for the men and women of the armed forces with your free podcasts.  I know because I friends overseas right now who I have given copies of your work and they love the chance to hear it.  So…again thank you for what you do as well. Combat Cook

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