FridayFix™: THE MVP pre-order is TOMORROW!

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Here we go Krakens, here we go (clap-clap!). It’s almost on Junkies! The pre-order for THE MVP, Book IV of the GFL series starts tomorrow, February 4, 2012 at 9:00am Pacific Time.


Listen in for a few final notes about the site and what you’ll see/do/buy tomorrow. This time it’s even shorter than my last MVP-related FridayFix™. Still totally worth it. And, unlike last time, *this* time there might really be bunnies on the podcast!

NOTE: PayPal might give you a warning tomorrow when you go to buy the book. It’s okay, it’s just PayPal looking out for you. We’ve tested through that warning and it’s fine. Click through and get your goods.

(Disclaimer: still no bunnies.) discount codes

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  1. steffiebaby140

    As far as I know the ebook is not available for pre-order right now, just the hardcover.  However, if you pre-order the hardcover then you get a copy of the ebook for free.  So what could be better than that?!  Get a hardcover for the collector’s shelf, and then read the free ebook you get.  Or you can always wait until September when the MVP is officially released and buy the ebook then.

  2. sam8988378

    wanted to order an ebook version of ‘The MVP’ not hardcover, but found no place to do this.  Need the big print option (suks much). Also just had an appliance disaster, which soaked through into the downstairs, my bookcase, and ruined so many books. Wouldn’t have happened with the ebook, as the kindle(s) are small enough to keep upstairs. So am dead tree version shy right now. How can I pre-order the ebook?

  3. romanda

    Got my (2) after a few web “bumps”.  It wasn’t very oblivious how to change Quan, and that took me longer than i had hoped.  But I got my email, and i Pre-ordered Nocturnal too, so im set for 2012..  Oh yeah got some cool Tee shirts on the way too!!

  4. Spyder
    I know we were told to stick to ordering the book but the site is still super responsive (nice work!) so I thought I’d ask – no coupon codes for other podcasts this year?

    I didn’t think I was going to get a low number with the preordering at 4am in Australia, but I somehow woke myself up at 4:40. What a coincidence 😉

  5. realmaxq

    all sorts of problems, errors when you click on the icon, then once through go to place order and get a Bad Gateway Error.  Thought backmybook was suppose resolve all that.

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