FridayFix™: THE MVP Pre-order is coming soon!

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The time has come, Junkies! Well, no, not exactly — three weeks from tomorrow, it will come. Yes, the pre-order for THE MVP, Book IV of the GFL series is almost here.

It’s early this year: Super Bowl Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 9:00am Pacific Time. Get ready, get online, and get yours!

But before all that, please listen to this quick FridayFix™ to make your ordering experience better and make things go as smoothly as possible later this year during shipping hell week. I swear it’ll only take five minutes, and it’s totally worth it. You don’t even know, there are probably bunnies on this ‘cast!

(Disclaimer: there are no bunnies on this podcast.) discount codes

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  1. bandit

    Hey Scott, before you finish writing MVP, I thought I should mention that there is a certain Defensive End from Bord who would love to be traded to the Krakens.  I have a great connection with Paul “Bandit” Preston, who said he would be honored to play along side Tweedy and Choto. 

  2. Figgy

    Your FDØ™ness,  I know that I’ll be moving house between when I order and when you ship.  Will you use the Credit Card or Paypal address at the time of shipping or the time of ordering?


    Just a couple of weeks left, better start counting my pennies. I for one wanted to see some bunnies any bunnies would do. Maybe some fluffy bunnies or some playboy bunnies.

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