FridayFix™: THE MVP goes to print today!

Junkies, today THE MVP is officially out of our house off to the printer. That’s right, Book IV of the GFL series is about to make the leap from electroncs and pixels to atoms and murdered trees. We thought we’d share the final cover, designed by Scott Pond’s it is remarkable and awesome! Yes, that’s an MVP trophy, but who gets it?

THE MVP cover (Book IV in the GFL series)

Thanks to the entre Dark Øverlord Media team for putting this beast together

This is your last chance to order! final numbers are due on Monday and we’re considering only printing to order. If you want to be 100% sure you get your copy(s), now’s the time. We are not kidding. Don’t blame us if you get left out.

Click here to download our shameless PDF flyer.

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  1. NeilColquhoun

    Once again, my thrill level is at overload, and I have made a space to accommodate this book on the Shelf of Power.

    Praise be to the High One, and all those who prostrate themselves before the man who is our Future Dark Overlord.
    Oh, and thanks to those who have come together to produce this mighty fine specimen of a book.
    Stay Alive – Neil
  2. jokerdas

    Scott Sigler, FDO, you are a GENIUS to produce such works!!

    Scott Pond, you are ALSO a genius to produce such works!! This cover is more SUPER-MAGA AWESOME than the last 3 covers!!! Life-like color and detail!!!!
    I am super excited!!! 
    <<Certificate of Awesome-Ticity>>

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