FridayFix™: The Ionath Krakens Booster Club Founding Members!

Junkies, it’s been an amazing week at the Lair of Døøm™. We’ve got a loT going on (notice the capital T) these days, but this past week was a little ridiculous! We were finally able to share news of the GFL paperbacks, which is awesome. But the really wonderful news is the enormous response to the NOCTURNAL pre-order incentives, and the creation of such a robust and wonderful group of Founders for the Ionath Krakens Booster Club.

2012 Ionath Krakens Booster Club

Gregg Anderson
Jason Ashmore
Matthew Bailey
Dale Bennett
Aaron Brough
Shirley Bruce
Joe Carlson
Beth Copenhaver
Paul DeWig
JP and Stephanie Harvey
Alfred Heasty
Jason Heim
David Hess
Neal Hewitt
Tim Hines
Randy Hinckley
Marty Hoffmann
Tony Jennings
Pons Matal
Andrew MacLennan
Byron Metz
Barry O’Donnell
Jeremiah Pappe
Scott E. Pond
Jason and Rebecca Procknow
Michael Procopio
Maryann and Jake Radulski

Connor Robertson
Joseph Saunders
Victor Sellers
Thomas Tetrault
Stephen VanderGast
CJ Wellman
Zachary Wirth
David Wyble

We are doing big things, but we’re still a very small company. To know we have support from so many wonderful folks is very humbling.

There is still time to become a founding member of the Booster Club, so click to find out all about that and other cool incentives as we get ready for NOCTURNAL!

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  1. Kefo_of_The_Mountain

    Well, I bought 5 copies (6 actually, but 1 was from a non-NYT bookstore) and named my Tier-3 Team the “Macomb Leathernecks”.  

    I would have bought 10,  If I didn’t want to eat for a few days.  Being underemployed in a recession is not hard, just frustrating somedays.
    Kefo of the Mountain
    Ionath Stadium Skybox #18
  2. One_shot_wonder

    Hi Scott,

    I know you pimp your products to a point that would make a used car salesman blush but well done on your Ionath Krackens Booster Club. How many other authors would have 34 readers willingly (Honest, you didn’t have to use the gun) buy multiple copies of the same book.
    Thanks for the books & please keep writing.
  3. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    I am most impressed with this awesome group of junkies.  Of course the junkies have proved their worth before not just in promoting Siglerism but with their charity, compassion and friendship.

    I still wish I could join this group.  But alas, I will have to worship from afar.

    Well done.

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