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Click here to download Goreline Calls for Sept 9, 2010

I believe it was Tolstoy who said, “I’m back in the saddle again.” Tolstoy or Tyler, I can’t remember which, but it matters not — what does matter is that the Gorline has returned. It’s been a long time since the Junkies heard their own melifluous voice leak out of little speakers all over the world. These messages are a little old, but we’re going to catch up on everything we’ve got, and your FDO™’s snarky responses are fresh (and so clean!).

Want in on the action? Just call 206-666-4673 and leave a message (and yeah, I know Scott needs to change the greeting, been nagging him for months about that … not that I ever have to nag him).

The FDO™ refers to a “workout video” in this episode. That’s actually a video titled “THE STARTER is on sale now!” and the workout bit begins at 2:25 into it — click here to watch.

— xøxø, from the Director of Døøm —

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  1. Scott

    THE STARTER podcast starts in early 2011

    I just double-checked with the Director of Døøm, and confirmed the podcast will start when ANCESTOR is wrapping up.

    If you can’t wait that long, a (paid) audiobook should be available around Thanksgiving.

  2. Jayguana

    I know I heard the goreline at one point in time before this!

    I just remember what pod it was. 

    Si Vis Pocum, Para Bellum – Jay-Gu-Ana, owner of the Sala Intrigue


  3. coxbrother

    Poolboy is over…

    At Sex & Nudity. You can be drinked, there.


    Drop your socks and grab your… Copy of Ancestor! Owner of the Isis Ice Storm [flickr-photo:id=4779220092,size=m] Puller of strings

  4. coxbrother


    I think that means wicked awesome. Pretty sure anyway. I just made it up. Snoozellflaps. Made that up too and also. I need a drink. POOLBOY!


    Drop your socks and grab your… Copy of Ancestor! Owner of the Isis Ice Storm [flickr-photo:id=4779220092,size=m] Puller of strings

  5. Unalive

    Nocturnal: Beginning

    if anyone wants to hear a buttload of old Goreline calls, thats where i heard them all. listening to Nocturnal. not the podiobooks version but the “beginning” version thats under the Audiobooks tab.
    very funny stuff, glad they’re making a comeback. they should make new fans wanna sign up and be junkies. worked on me.

  6. deltrimental

    Ha! That was fun!

    I’ve never heard the Goreline before. I’ll be looking forward to the next one!

    [flickr-photo:id=4730034487,size=m]  ~S&N Bouncer and Official Hitwoman for the Gutter Sistren~

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