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FridayFix • The Force Awakens Spoilercast!

SW-THE-FORCE-AWAKENSWe saw The Force Awakens once together, then again separately and now we discuss it! The first 15 minutes or so of this ‘cast is spoiler-free if you want our general take. Then we get into the nitty gritty details! You’ll find lots and lots of warnings before the spoilers, not to worry!


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  1. Chris Howe

    The pawn shop guy is not good. In the book (and possibly a cut scene) Chewey rips his arm off in Maz’s bar.

    In Rey’s vision Kylo and his Knights kill all of Luke’s pupils and you see their bodies close together. They don’t look like kids. But one of the visions is Kylo running what appears to be a Knight through with his lightsaber. That Knight is trying to club Rey. She is laying down and rolls over to see this. I don’t know if that is really her, a young her, or a possible future.

    Also in the book when Rey “reaches” for Luke’s lightsaber you get this:
    “It is you”, Kylo murmured.
    His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself.

  2. Insignificant Blood Splatter

    I FINALLY saw TFA the other day, so I was finally able to listen to this podcast! I have some links to fan theories/analysis which Star Wars fans may be interested in – all related to things that came up in this Friday Fix. o3o



    Rey and Finn vs Kylo Ren (fighting style and experience):

    Finn is force sensitive:
    Related point:

    Leading up to this next link, which has a much more in-depth and detailed argument, Rey may actually be a Kenobi:
    Rey may not be a Skywalker:
    I am SO swayed by this. Such a great argument. I may actually be super duper disappointed if this is not the JJ’s plan.

    By the by, since I didn’t mention it – I LOVED this new Star Wars (for interest’s sake, I saw the reboot in theater and have only seen bits and pieces of the original eps, though granted I think it’s most the bits and pieces). And I love it more and more the more I sit on it. Totally hoping to get to see it a second time in theaters. Perhaps a third…
    When I went, there were only four other people in the theater, so that was great!

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