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So, you need to listen to get all the goods, but it’s a happy Christmas Eve Eve here at the Lair of Døøm™. We’re celebrating the collaboration with IDW that will publish in summer 2012. Chris Ryall, editor in chief at IDW, joins to tell us all about it.

PS: I’m a little hot in this audio at the beginning. Not surprisingly, I got over-excited and too close to the mic. Bah! Nonetheless, it’s worth you hanging on through that to hear the news.

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  1. Troystory3

    Oh Wow!

    In doing research for my Completely Comics Podcast I came across the list of July ‘Solicits’ from IDW. This is how comics companies announce officially when to expect comics on the shelves. Here is a link to all the IDW July Solicits, INFECTED is listed about 3/4 down the page! There’s an awesome picture of the cover!

    We are going to pimp it like crazy on our show. Feel free to call into our listen line at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617# and say how awesome the book is and how you can’t wait for the comic!



    Check out my podcast at!

  2. JP

    Absolutely TOO COOL!  I was telling the local comic book store owner about this and he was jazzed.  Lo and behold, he was familiar with our favorite FDO’s work and told me he’s going to read more of the stuff he’s missed in the past.

  3. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    Dude Quentin Barnes in a 3d animated style would both the scariest and most badass thing ever. I would pay to see a GFL game played clone wars style.

  4. nandes

    I’ve already added this to my ‘pull box’ at the comic store in town. Hopefully IDW doesn’t go too crazy on the variant covers. I don’t need 10 copies per issue, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out on any of them.

  5. Gmork

    For the MFing Win! IDW does amazing work. They’re releasing a mini-series graphic novel from RA Salvatore that I have on pre-order. This is running with the big dogs!!

    I’m going to order so many copies of the Infected graphic novel that I’ll be able to build a fort!
  6. Sgtjusticeofthe52ndsuckitdivision

    Oh my god. this is one of my favorite books ever, and I f-ing love graphic novels. This is one of the coolest things to ever happen. I am do gonna buy them when they come out.

  7. Yngve

    You should SO contact a certain Mr. Lorre to plug the comic at the Big Bang Theory! I would love to hear Sheldons meanderings and paranoia aout getting an itch after reading it, hehe 😀

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