FridayFix™: THE ALL-PRO supply is dwindling!

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I know most of you have already secured your copy of THE ALL-PRO. But if you haven’t, or if you want a back-up, take a quick listen to today’s Fix and then go claim your books while you can!

As Scott and I “grow up” in this publishing venture, we’re learning new things all the time. In November, when THE ROOKIE sold out, we learned that there are some folks who will wait until the last moment to pounce, and some folks who will be quite sad very quickly after the last moment that they waited too long.

Since I can help you now, but can’t help you once it’s gone, I’m doing what I can to say soon it will be too late, this is your chance, gogogogogo!!!

Also, a quick reminder about our Goreline. We get a ton of email questions, but it’s always more fun to hear from you guys! If you want to hear your voice on the show, call 206-666-4673, or email an MP3 to

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  1. silivrensf

    It’s a fun idea. I’ve never personally paid for a flash movie, whether on the net or on disk (like when strongbad or the happytree friends were set to dvd) unless you count watching Happytree Friends on Netflix paying for it. I’d watch it if it were out there to see, but I don’t think I’d pay separately for something like that.

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