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You’ve all been letting us know what you think of the new site, and — more importantly — letting us know about problems and what you don’t like about the new site. So, ARealGirl and Scott have dedicated this FridayFix™ to filling you in on the State of the Website.

We cover a few things here including Crack Hits, m-effing SPAM, the future of Junkie Spam Killas and the hard work of site creators Tay and GK of and website designers Len Peralta and Matt Murray.

Remember, if you find problems (like bad links, pages that got messed up in the conversion from old site to new, SPAM sneaking in like the sneaky bitch it is), email and we’ll get cracking on it. discount codes

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  1. RandyNBL

    Loving the redesign Scott et al. Less busy and easier to find information. Exactly like it should be…. unless you’re the fucking FDO. Why would the FDO make it EASIER on people… shouldn’t he make it as difficult to understand as Microsoft’s EULA?

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