FridayFix™: Sports Center GFL Update for April 2, 2683

Sports Center GFL Update – Click & Listen

Sigler Ascension Day 2010 was a great big success! Despite a few glitches early on (nothing like huge amounts of Junkie traffic to bring down the webernets!) THE STARTER went live for pre-sale a little after 9:00am Pacific Time. It was a great day for Dark Øverlord Media; many thanks for your support! While I can’t share first day totals yet, I can tell you that first day pre-order for THE STARTER outstripped first day pre-order for THE ROOKIE (which was in the 600’s for the first 24 hours.)

And, oh, hey, what’s this? We’ve got another Tier One Sports Center Update from Chick McGee to continue the Siglerificness. Enjoy your FridayFix™ Junkies!

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  1. DedSysOp

    Woo Hoo!

    Apperently I threw the game winning pass….

    … I don’t remember doing it but there was probably a lot of alcohol involved afterwards…

    In the immortal words of Socrates “I Drank What?!”

  2. Beth_Ailis

    So, can you tell us the first day totals now?

    How about now?


    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  3. UnknownVariable

    Krakens Cinderella story!

    Could the loss of the Jupiter Jacks best receiver leave the door open for the Ionath Krakens make a rune at the playoffs? We’ll have to wait till September to find out!

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