FridayFix™: Siglerverse Tattoos!

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Siglerverse tattoos and news

Yes, this is an audio post to invite y’all to visit the Flickr photoset of all the Siglerverse tattoos to date! I’m crazy like that.

I love my empty set tattoo: it’s geeky and scientific on it’s own, but also personally very meaningful and important to me. As the best tattoos are.

Which is why folks that choose the Siglerverse as the starting place for their body art are super cool in our book. Scott’s always blown away by someone loving something in one of the stories enough to permanently ink it on themselves.

How cool is it? It’s one surefire way to get yourself written into a Sigler story. That’s right: you get inked with something Siglerverse related, Scott will write you into the Siglerverse. Boom.

Anyhow, click on through and take a look at the cool art on cool folks. If you’re inked yourself and not in the gallery, drop me a note at so we can sort that out.

Enjoy, Junkies!

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