FridayFix™: SiglerFest 2012 is now open!

October 12 & 13, 2012
The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Click here to listen to the audio announcement
for SiglerFest 2012 Registration!

Siglerfest XXXThe time has come! SiglerFest 2012 registration is now open! To register, click the PayPal button below. Registration is $45.

To reserve sleeping rooms at the hotel, please click here to go to the Orleans Group reservations websiteand use the code A2SFC10.

Alternatively , you can call the Guest Reservations number at (800) 675-3267 and identify yourself as part of the group SiglerFest.

If you missed SiglerFest 2011, I’m not going to lie, you missed a damn good time. Some of Scott’s cousins will be in attendance. Will Pope Siglericus XXX make another appearance? How about Soupbone the Wonder Pimp? Word is that Francis Dominick Olivieri is crazy for the craps table.

If you came last year, leave a comment below and tell people what you thought. If you didn’t come, consider it — an affordable getaway weekend in Vegas, live recordings of original stories, all of your friends from this site, and the FDØ in rare form.

Looking forward to seeeing y’all in October!

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  1. athanas

    Yeah, but see…I figured that would give you ample time to pick up lone hitchhikers and suck them dry of their life-force to better power you through the weekend.

  2. athanas

    Don’t you live in California?  I would have thought that would be prime road trip time.
    Hell, that’s what Voodoo and I are doing, and we’re coming from Denver.

  3. Belladonna420

    I’ve been checking airfare prices and they’re steadily decreasing.  I hoping they continue to drop a bit more but I’m planning on buying my tix in the next 2 weeks or so.

    And the countdown is 59:02:18.  🙂
  4. athanas

    Yeah, like THAT’LL ever happen.
    That furry little primate knows 14 different ways to kill a man before he hits the ground. 
    He has a type of discipline that I can only dream of.
    AND, he may be able to make SiglerFest this year; wetwork slows down in the fall and he usually has some R&R saved up.

  5. athanas

    There may or may not have been some time spent in Thailand about that very subject…but due to diplomatic situations, I can’t really comment on it.

    Outside of that, “busy” would probably cover most questions not involving espionage.

  6. ScottEPond

    Pardon my French or Irish or what not, but look what Hell just spat back out into the land of the living.

    Athanas! Where the Fook have you been? Defending the Virtual Bar Fight II title the world over?
  7. scottsigler

    Awesome! Both to you and the others who have already committed. I’ll be working on a video of the fun we had in the next few days, hopefully that will show people what they will be missing. And, no, my cousin’s bare ass will not be included in the video. And he did that for charity. 

  8. crashmore

    Was there last year and had a great time. Initially didn’t think I’d be able to swing a trip to Vegas for this years but since I got the wife to read Nocturnal I got her buy in and we should both be there. Looking forward to a good time and the awesome rates make this a pretty affordable get away.

  9. Beth_Ailis

    The Big Guy and I are Registered and have reservations. The Orleans looks really nice and got very good reviews on Travelocity. Thanks to A we’re also getting a great rate! More money for the blackjack tables.

  10. Beth_Ailis

    We are definitely coming! Anyone who missed last year — well, you missed out on a fantastic time. And seeing Frannkie’s full moon (supermoon?)

  11. ScottEPond

    I am so there! Nothing short of the End Of Days will stop the awesome that is Siglerafest2012… And all the destruction of the earth will do is move the venue…

  12. exotiKali

    Siglerfest was AWESOME last year. There was a live reading of a new Sigler story with junkies, Jeopardy with Frankie, a moist morning blessing by Pope Siglericus and a Junkie dinner. I can’t wait to see what DØM has in store this year! But the absolute best thing was getting to meet and hang out with the coolest nicest people in the world. Love ya Junkies!

  13. Belladonna420

    No, I do not!! :-b Family and friends were warned looooong ago that I would not be available that weekend! Plus, it’s too late now… REGISTERED!!! 😉

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