FridayFix™ Scott’s dramatic reading of California DMV guide #1

Happy Friday everybody!

Earlier this month there was a scavenger hunt on the internet that had nothing to do with us — until it did.

GISHWHES stands for (The) Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (the) World Has Ever Seen, and the 2014 list of things to scavenge included this:

“VIDEO: A NYT best-selling author or Tony-award winning actor or actress doing a dramatic reading of a section of this:”

Although Scott was rudely ignored during this year’s Tony Awards for the riveting portrayal of Riff in that revival of West Side Story that never happened … he did still fit the bill.

Although we received many requests, we were only able to fit in about a dozen.  Here’s the first result, with more to come as the week goes on.

Please to enjoy.

Click here to download the video.

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