FridayFix — Post-PANDEMIC Tour Wrap Up & GFL Pre-order Prep!

Thirteen minutes, and on Thursday, but full of good info about how the PANDEMIC Tour went and how to be ready for the GFL pre-order!

A couple of weeks back we did a little podcast about how we went about booking the PANDEMIC Tour. Today we’re bringing you a short sweet little wrap up recorded this week just as Scott was heading home at the end of a successful tour.

We also talk a bit about the big GFL pre-order event coming this Saturday! Ready or not, it’s almost here!

The attentive crowd at Mysterious Galaxy in LA. Huge turnout. Scott killed these people; wish them well in the afterlife.

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  1. Jack Burrill

    sorry to be a bother, but I bought a book from the virtual book stop, because it would be signed but I cant make it to an actual book tour stop. its signed and I love it. 50 pages in so far, and im a slow reader who is very busy, so thats saying a lot. the only problem is that I thought it was supposed to be individually numbered. and as far as i can tell its not. am i looking in the wrong place? is pandemic not numbered? or did i just order from the wrong place?

    1. A Sigler

      Hi Jack,

      Nope, PANDEMIC isn’t numbered. Only the books that we put out as from Empty Set are numbered. The Random House books are much more out of our control and that’s not something Random House does. So far, it’s just the GFL books that have been numbered out of all of Scott’s books.

  2. ogreoregon

    Gosh…It has been while since I actually logged in and everything looks different now.. I had not gotten used to the other site change… what about three years ago? LOL Thank goodness Scott still sounds the same…so fun to listen to..Awesome!

  3. Dale Tippett Jr

    Looking forward to the Friday Fix – the pre-tour show was super informative, so thanks for that! I think musicians could benefit from your perspective on touring. We tend to travel for short term gain, or no real gain, but for the fun of the experience, and it just ends up costing everybody a bunch money.

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