FridayFix™: Photo montage from SiglerFest2k12

And an invitation to SiglerFest2k13

Hello Junkies! This week’s FridayFix™ is all about SiglerFest! lWe’re working on plans for this year’s event (October 11 & 12, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV at The Orleans, no matter what I say at the beginning of this video!) but this video is jammed full of cool photos for SiglerFest 2K12, taken by our good friend Bruce Press.

Bruce is also putting the finishing touches on a photo book with all the delectable photos from last year AND he’s got a ton of great shots over on his website. Seriously, if you were there last year, check ’em out and snag your favorite. And if you weren’t there last year, be sure to get there this year if you can! There will be bowling and Cards Against Humanity and human experimentation! No, really!

Big thanks to Bruce for making such beautiful photos.

Click here to download this video.


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  1. Edward Johnson

    Does anyone know what program was used to make this great video? I have put together some photo montage videos before so I can appreciate how much work this was. But Its far more professional looking than mine, obviously lol.

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