PANDEMIC is the conclusion to the New York Times bestselling INFECTED trilogy, out Jan. 21 from Crown Publishing

FridayFix: PANDEMIC University Tour

Good news Junkies, the PANDEMIC tour is booked!

We’ve got the tour dates for the PANDEMIC University Tour to promote Scott’s next novel, the conclusion to the INFECTED trilogy.

Now, I know many of you will be sad to see that your town isn’t listed, and while I can appreciate that, I can’t do anything about it.  There are three factors that determine the tour route, all reasonably equally important.

  1. Scott’s paying for this whole tour out of his own pocket, so that Crown can focus the marketing monies elsewhere to make PANDEMIC sing. So, the tour route had to be cost effective.
  2. Second factor is time. The impact of first week of sales is most essential, so a week long tour is potentially beneficial. More than a week? When we consider the increased costs and the extra time away from writing against the diminishing return on that investment, it doesn’t make sense.
  3. And last, there’s interest.  We were open to pretty much anywhere in North America (see #1) and considered all bookstores that responded to Crown’s query. There were some that asked for a stop but we couldn’t make the logistics work (see #2). But overall, there are fewer bookstores around, and therefore fewer available option, and lots of stores were already booked. We’ve done a non-bookstore based tour before with the ROOKIE Tailgate Tour, but that wasn’t an option this time.

So, if Scott’s not coming to your town, maybe you can make it out to see him if he’s close. If not, we’ll be doing a virtual tour stop the week before the book comes out with BookTalk Nation.

Thursday, Jan. 16 7:00pm Eastern virtual BookTalk Nation Chez YOU!
Saturday. Jan. 18 3:00pm Pacific San Francisco Borderlands Books The Phoenix
Tuesday, Jan. 21 6:00pm Central Chicago B&N DePaul University Manhattan’s Bar
Wednesday, Jan. 22 7:00pm Eastern Cambridge Harvard Coop Bookstore John Harvard’s Brew House
Thursday, Jan. 23 6:00pm Eastern Philadelphia B&N University of Pennsylvania New Deck Tavern
Friday, Jan. 24 7:00pm Eastern Baltimore B&N Johns Hopkins PJ’s Pub
Saturday, Jan. 25 2:00pm Central Nashville B&N Vanderbilt JED’s Sports Bar & Grill
Sunday, Jan. 26 2:30pm Pacific Los Angeles Mysterious Galaxy Islands
Monday, Jan. 27 7:00pm Pacific San Diego Mysterious Galaxy Player’s Sports Bar

PANDEMIC book tour is on!

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  1. Justin Richman

    I’ll be at the Philly one! Too bad there isn’t numbered book editions like during the Rookie signing. Rookie Book #1776, Scott – if you remember way back when…

  2. Steve Libby aka coxbrother

    Holy cow I am so there in Nashville! 15 minutes from my house! And 2 days after my birthday! Finally going to meet the FDO! My wife is already planning the day. Giddy. Yes giddy.

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