FridayFix™: NOCTURNAL, the final details!

TODAY! 3:00pm Pacific Time! Join us for the virtual tour stop & live chat! [Edited as the cool virtual tour is done!]

Then, tomorrow is the final deadline for all the great cool incentives and entry into the prize drawing for NOCTURNAL goodies. Get THE REPORTER, name a GFL Tier Three team, join the founding members of the Ionath Krakens Booster Club.

Monday the NOCTURNAL Tour (west siieeeedd!) begins!

And finally, Tuesday, after years in the making, NOCTURNAL publishes in hardcover.

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  1. albuu

    I’d like to say, sincerely, I could not be happier for the entire team of D.O.M.

    IM sure there are those of you that from fans are never thanked. I would like to thank you too. A BIG THANK YOU.

    This extends to the very understanding spouses, better halfs, kids, parents, grandparents, baby sitters, employers, employees, and anyone eles who in any small way, gave just a little. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. You gave a lot so that the reader could receive another highly entertaining, heirloom quality story. Thanks again <3<3<3 xoxoxo

    Congratulations to all. Another win.

    ( not in the tiger blood drinking way. Thats just creepy)



    Love, Albuu

  2. Factualvermin

    I can’t wait for this hunk of processed wood to hit the shelves! But even more so I can’t wait for the slick audio to hit the site. Mr. Biznass here we come!

  3. Shadygirl

    We bought from Borderlands a lot when we were in Germany. Ther were always fabulous. they wrap the books very carefully and and so easy and great to deal with. Even though we are going to one of the tour stops now that we are back in the states, we bought several books from them just because they are so great to deal with. I highly recommend buying from them. I wish I was going to the SF tour stop just so I could go to the store. They are really great people.

  4. deltrimental

    Just wanted to give some props where it’s deserved…

    Being in Oz, I’m quite used to timezone issues/delayed responses, or “Sorry, we don’t ship to your country”, or “Sure, we service your country, but shipping will cost you three times as much as the item you’re buying”. I just ordered Nocturnal from Borderlands and I got a friendly, personalised response in MINUTES (and the shipping costs were cheaper than Amazon). You can’t ask for more than that. 
    If you’re putting in last minute orders, wherever you live, I recommend shooting Borderlands an email. Help keep physical bookshops alive!

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