FridayFix – new Krakens away jerseys!

Dig the new Karkens away jerseys! Just like the pros (or like Oregon University does every five minutes), the time has come to change the look just a little bit. This video gives you the goods. Also: a rare glimpse of my Fu (left over from the Wings Playoff Beard).

Click here to download the FridayFix.

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  1. exotiKali

    There is an Orbiting Death t-shirt (I have one and it’s awesome). You can purchase it through the site – go to the “store” link up on top and go to t-shirts.

  2. exotiKali

    The new jerseys look very sweet (we got to see one at Balticon) but I was distracted during the video by my overwhelming desire to rip your fu manchu off like a bandaid and kill it. Also, I love my junkies and GO KRAKENS!!

  3. dkcheetos

    1: New Jersey never looks good, smells bad too.

    2: they’re probably on a third party site because they are custumizable and high quality, no offense to sig but i dont think he can sew numbers and letters on a a jersey

    and finally,

    3: is there a OS1 Orbiting Death one?

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