FridayFix: Never bring a Junkie to a gun fight

At SiglerFest2k12, there were zombies. Seriously. Sort of. The Sigler fans, a.k.a. the “Junkies,” got armed and took care of business. Die, you paper zombies, DIE! Shot (see what I did there?) at the Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience. Hey, Junkies, see yourself in this video? Sound off in the comments.

Click here to download the video. 

Want to join us for SiglerFest2k13, October 10 & 11 in Las Vegas? Check out our SiglerFest page.

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  1. Scott "Big Fish" Pond

    SiglerFest! SiglerFest! Woot! Woot! Woot!

    In one week, I will be walking crookedly and trying to figure out what my name is.

    I’m so excited to see that BodyMaim™ is finally making an appearance as an event.

    It will be days of glory! And the Cake is a Lie…

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