FridayFix™ – Interview with Shelf Life creators Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt

Shelf Life is an awesome web series starring Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthall, and I just happened to interviewthem at ComicCon 2012 in San Diego. Watch the video interview, and check out the Shelf Life series on YouTube.

Yuri and Tara have an IndieGoGo campaign rolling to raise $30k for the fourth season of ShelfLife. If you dig the series and want to see new Play Dough-based penis jokes (and who doesn’t), kick ’em some scratch and get actual Shelf Life action figures.

What do you think of the clip and the interview? Based on that, would you check out the series?

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  1. jokerdas

    Alright, after watching the interview, the clips looked hilarious, I had to check out the show.  I watched the first three seasons plus all the bonus material in one day! Hero Lass is more than the token chick, she is also the marker-addicted junkie! Hero Man is an absolute meat-headed idiot! Samurai Snake IS definately thier Chewbacca, a raunchy Chewbacca, but Chewbacca all the same!  And Bug Boy is the glue that holds them together!

    The show appeals to my geek nature! Parodies, super heroes, action figures, dirty jokes and references! Oh yes!!! Very VERY funny!!

    Great show! Yuri and Tara are creative and fun!  Looking forward to season 4!

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