FridayFix: "How Do I Get an 'A'?"

ARealGirl and the FDØ

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“How do I get an ‘A’?”

Your friendly neighborhood FDØ here, Junkies. If there’s one question ARealGirl and I get at every con, it’s “how do I get an ‘A’?”

In case you don’t know A Kovacs, she’s the human superpower that keeps the Dark Øverlord machine going. While I toil at the keyboard and the mic creating stories, she’s the person making sure we have a schedule, managing the book-design and book-printing process, managing our contractors, managing inventory of our books and making sure the books get to you, managing our files in the Kindle and eBook stores, etc., on and on, and so on and so on, in perpetuity, amen.

People see what we have, see how Kovacs enables me to make more and better stuff, and they say the magic words: “How do I get an ‘A’?”

We recorded this episode to answer that question. The short answer? It ain’t cheap, it ain’t easy, and it ain’t free. Most people don’t understand that A doesn’t “work for me,” we are a partnership. We tell you how our business came to be, what our roles are, and how creatives can find someone like her.

PS: You can’t have my “A.” Do not attempt to steal her away. You will fail.

Author’s Note: I’m posting this while watching the news of the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut. Our heart goes out to anyone and everyone affected by this tragedy. We don’t do much in the way of political or current-events blogging on this site, but doing something as normal as posting our weekly content seems somehow disrespectful at a time like this. Events of this nature remind me to say “thank you” to the people who make life worth living, so it seems an ideal time to say “thank you” to A Kovacs, a.k.a. the Director of Døøm, a.k.a. ARealGirl.

Junkies, if you’ve got kids, give them a hug from the FDØ and from A.


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  1. Wyll

    Very insightful and much appreacited. As a creative sources, I have experienced all the hurdles and challenges you have describd and now i have a few new tips to try as I continue to cut my teeth on this writing thing.


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