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Ladies & gentlemen, please allow me to introduce our new in-house designer, Scott “Big Fish” Pond. And since we wanted to announce Big Fish in a Big Pimpin’ way, feast your eyes on four brand-new GFL team T-shirts. Sha-ka-paaaaoowww! These were designed by Scott, and now you can buy them. Click on the shirt you want, put that thang in your cart, and when you’re done ordering all you want just check out (a.k.a., give us your moneys).

We have small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Since we are in pre-order, if you need a special size (teeny or big), we can hook you up, just email ARealGirl with your request.

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    Thank goodness my tax refund came just in the nick of time this past friday. I ordered a few shirts and I also convinced a friend at work to get one. He picked the To Pirates. I can’t wait until the end of this month to receive the goods. I even went ahead and ordered another copy of “THE ALL-PRO” along with the “MVP” this past Saturday.

  2. ScottEPond

    Pondy: These are the shirts you are looking for… *waves hands in your general direction*

    Gmork: These are the shirts I’m looking for… *begins to drool slightly*
    Pondy: You will buy all four… *waves hands in your general direction*
    Gmork: I will buy all four… *wipes drool off chin*
    Pondy: Move along *waves hands in your general direction*
    Gmork: Moving along…
  3. captsuss

    Sadly I don’t have time to read books and I have been mooching for free for 4 years or more. Finally, I can support you by buying all 4 shirts. Thanks, Scott. Can’t wait for all the shirts to come out. I’ll definitely buy all of them.

  4. scottsigler

    Pondy can’t be the Designer of Døøm, as that name has occasionally been assigned to Donna Mugavero. I’ll have to think about Pondy’s official DØM name …


    Will ship in the last week of February. If the world does end by the end of this year that means we will never get to find out what happens in Pandemic which can’t happen because I NEED to know what happens in Pandemic.

  6. woof

    I’m picking up Krakens and Woofpack of course , I mean Wolfpack….

    This info says that the items will shipped the last February. I assume that , since the world ends in Dec 2012 , this means Feb 2012 seeing that its THE Last february (snicker, ain’t I a smartass…..)


    February 3rd is the end of the pre-ordering, that gives me plenty of time to save up a little moolah. The designs on all of them are GRRREAT! Nice job ScottEPond!

  8. steffiebaby140

    I am totally have a fangirl moment over these shirts!  But now what to choose before payday…..krakens, pirates.  Both, I don’t need to eat anything besides cereal and sandwiches before next Friday anyway lol.

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